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1984 JUL Established WOOSHIN Machinery and Tools
1984 OCT Entered partnership agreements with Korea Spicer Corp., Keumsung Heavy Industry
1985 JAN Supplied aircraft equipment to Teledyne (USA)
1986 MAY Entered partnership agreements with Mando Machinery, Daewoo HMS and Korea Diesel Machinery (Doowon)
1987 MAR Entered partnership agreement with Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors (the first batch of partners in this type of agreement)
1989 JAN Reestablished as a legal entity
1990 OCT Selected by IBK Bank as a Promising Small & Medium-sized Business
1992 AUG Secured government authorization as a Promising Enterprise from the Ministry of Commerce
1992 AUG Secured government authorization for military technician recruitment
1993 OCT Gear Deburrin g Machine domestically developed-Yutaka Seimitus under a technological partnership agreement
1994 OCT Created a research team in the Korea Technological Industry Promotion Association
1996 DEC Domestically developed the Auto Straightening Machine
1997 DEC Domestically developed the Gear Tester
1990 OCT Selected by IBK Bank as a Promising Small & Medium-sized Business
2000 JUL Changed name to WOOSHIN EMC
2001 AUG Received INNO-BIZ recognition (SMBA)
2001 SEP Created a company-affiliated R&D center
2002 MAR Celebrated the company´s 20th founding anniversary
2002 APR Engaged in the government-funded Support Link for comprehensive parts development project (Department of Industry)
2002 DEC Received QS9000, ISO9001 certifications
2004 JUL Garnered first successful development of FSW equipment for a piston welding in Korea
2006 AUG Received TS16949 certification
2009 SEP Secured government authorization as a Promising Enterprise
2009 OCT Developed Bogie module for Maglev
2010 SEP Established R&D Center (Cheonan, Korea)
2011 JUN Entered into TBV System business of Honeywell
2015 FEB Starts the Hyundai Motors Group Mexico new plant project
2015 MAY Geared up for the new transmission line project for Hyundai Motors
2016 FEB Started the Hyundai Motors Group Seo-san New Plant Project (U, R Equipment & Kappa, Nu, Gamma Gasoline Engine)